Have you ever fantasized about owning a super-intelligent robotic arm that effortlessly performs household tasks like laundry, cleaning, and sweeping, freeing your hands and feet? Your dream can now become a reality.

Introducing Stretch, a groundbreaking mobile grabbing robot developed by a team led by former Google robotics director, Aaron Edsinger. Equipped with SLAMTEC RPlidar A1, Stretch leverages LiDAR technology to perceive its surroundings, enabling obstacle avoidance and autonomous navigation. This advancement significantly enhances the “flexibility” and “interactivity” of mobile grabbing robots.

In comparison to ultrasonic sensors and visual cameras, RPlidar demonstrates higher ranging accuracy, eliminates cumulative error, and supports multi-sensor data fusion. When combined with ROS (Robot Operating System), the constructed map can be directly utilized for efficient path planning.

▲ Map Data

Empowered with autonomous movement capabilities through sensors like LiDAR and equipped with a versatile robotic arm, Stretch can effortlessly maneuver within its environment, assisting with tasks such as clothes retrieval and table wiping. Finally, our hands are liberated.

▲ Autonomous Localization and Navigation in a Small Space

After having the independent movement ability endowed by sensors such as LiDAR, and equipped with a robotic arm, Stretch can move freely in space, “take clothes”, and “wipe the table”… and our hands have finally been liberated.

Of course, in order to be able to move freely in every corner of the home, Stretch also thoughtfully designed an ultra-small base with a length of 33 cm and a width of 34 cm. The compact RPlidar is just suitable for it.

As SLAMTEC’s first low-cost LiDAR sensor, RPlidar A1 lays the foundation for SLAMTEC’s industry expansion. Its impact is not limited to domestic and commercial mobile robots; the broad scope of the LiDAR industry allows for differentiation in various subdomains. Nevertheless, the key to breakthroughs in autonomous positioning and navigation capabilities lies in prioritizing practicality and reliability, a principle embodied by our RPlidar products.

▲ Applied to Sweeping Robots

As robotic technology advances, future household robots derived from this foundation will assist users with housework and address their emotional needs through advanced companion robots. These considerations and developments are crucial for upper-level robotics companies.

SLAMTEC, as a fundamental player in intelligent mobility robotics, takes into account issues such as bottom-level costs, performance, form factor, floor space, and power consumption. Only through seamless integration between upper and lower layers can mobile robots genuinely become an integral part of the family, fulfilling the role of a beloved “little partner” for everyone.