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Reliable Mapping and Localization Solution

For Robots, AGV, AMR, and other applications
With a mature and stable mapping and localization system, developers no longer need to start from scratch.


Slamkit Overview

SLAMKit is the industry’s first commercial solution to independently provide mapping and localization functionality, empowering the mobile robotics field with industry-leading scalability and stability. It can be embedded in a robot’s controller through software licensing, enabling the robot to map and localize autonomously. Customers can customize robot applications easily through standardized software interfaces.


Industry Leading Scalability and Stability


Unsupervised Operations
2000+ hours
Empowered Robots
30000+ units
Enterprise Users
1000+ companies
Deployed Projects
3000+ cases

Outstanding performance excels in various scenarios


Large-scale scene mapping construction
High-precision map resolution.
Real-time localization error (typical value).
UP to 50% change in map
Localization stability.

Empowering Each Robot with Fundamental Mapping and Localization Capabilities

Real-time Localization

  • Robust Localization in Complex Environments
  • For applications with dynamic environments, high similarity, and sparse features, it possesses outstanding robust localization capability.
  • Multi-source Fusion Localization System
  • A unique framework that supports to integrate and dynamically combinate multiple localization sources, and to switch the localization modes for different working conditions.
  • Multiple Auxiliary Localization Techniques
  • Adopting various prior knowledge, such as sensor enhancement techniques, artificial landmark-assisted techniques, artificial feature-assisted techniques, and dynamic map updating techniques, to enhance the adaptability of localization to universal and high-precision localization requirements in special applications.
  • Optimal Computation Resource Management
  • Through optimizing software architecture and algorithms, the computational resource consumption of SLAMKit in operation is reduced to 50% compared to similar software in the industry, thereby reducing hardware requirements for clients.

Online Mapping

  • Robust Mapping for Large-Scale Environment
    Easily supports large-scale maps up to 500000㎡-1200000㎡
  • Support SharpEdge™ Map Optimization Technology
    Utilizes SharpEdge™ map optimization technology to create high-precision maps with an accuracy of 1.5cm, eliminating the need for secondary optimization and refinement.
  • Support Automatic and Auxiliary Loop Closure
    Employs both autonomous and auxiliary loop closure detection and adjustment strategies to achieve higher success rates in mapping.
  • Dynamic Parameter Adjustment Support
    Provides interfaces to adjust parameters during the mapping process to ensure the map quality.

Complete Toolchain Support

  • Comprehensive SDK Development Kit:
    Provides C++, Java SDK, ROS, Restful API, and other SDK toolkits to empower customers for swift and easy development.
  • Map Toolset
    Offers a rich set of tools including offline mapping, multi-map stitching, multi-layer map fusion, and map element editing, to streamline the deployment process and increase cost-effectiveness.
  • Real-time Monitoring Tools
    Empowers real-time and remote connectivity for robots through cloud services, visual interactive tools, and communication networks, allowing customers to monitor the operational status of robots anytime, anywhere.

Providing Diversified Services Throughout the Product Lifecycle

SLAMKit is a comprehensive collection of features and services that offers customers mapping, localization, and a complete toolchain through software licensing. In addition, SLAMKit provides diversified support services throughout the product lifecycle, accelerating the implementation of customers’ products.


  • Support for Common Controller Hardware and Systems
    SLAMKit can run on mainstream embedded platforms based on Intel and ARM architectures and is compatible with commonly used Ubuntu systems.
  • Rapid Development of Client Applications
    SLAMKit abstracts a rich set of software interfaces, which are used to derive various SDK toolkits, including C++, Java, Restful API, and ROS, and provides comprehensive documentation and sample code.
  • Scene-specific Parameter Configuration
    SLAMKit adapts to SLAM problems in various scenarios such as household, cleaning, industrial, delivery, and inspection. It ensures the stability of robot operation through diversified parameter configurations.
  • Standardized Performance Evaluation Methods
    SLAMKit provides standardized performance testing and evaluation methods, as well as performance standards that meet operational requirements. It assists customers in validating personalized robot products.
  • Shorten Deployment Time
    SLAMKit is equipped with a visual interactive tool called Robostudio, which allows customers to monitor the robot’s operation in real-time and provides a diverse set of deployment tools to help customers shorten deployment time.
  • Quick and Easy Onboarding
    Years of accumulated experience in scenario-based deployment, along with one-on-one deployment tutorials, help novice customers quickly familiarize themselves with the robot deployment process.
  • Traceable Historical Data
    SLAMKit provides cloud-based deployment services, which assist customers in saving historical data while implementing partial element editing.

Operations and Maintenance

  • Quick Resolution of On-Site Issues
    SLAMKit is equipped with a comprehensive runtime data recording system and an offline data playback system, ensuring quick response and resolution of on-site issues for customers.
  • Streamlined and Cost-Effective Operations
    SLAMKit provides cloud-based maintenance services, allowing remote connection to the robot for abnormal recovery.
  • Focusing on Critical Scenarios
    Provide dedicated support for customers to deploy robots in majorl scenarios.

Delivering Exceptional Experiences for Customers from Every Field

We have successfully integrated SLAMKit into our customers’ systems and business scenarios through software licensing. This integration enables efficient, reliable, and stable SLAM localization and mapping capabilities, helping our customers to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and maximize productivity in their respective fields.

Commercial Cleaning Robot

A commercial cleaning robot client utilized SLAMKit™ software licensing to accelerate product deployment by 50%, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Generally, commercial cleaning scenarios are much more complex than residential ones, and majors challenges are large areas, dynamic environmental changes, and different kinds of floors. SLAMKit helps us to quickly deploy our products in complex and expansive places such as airports, office buildings, and subway stations. Thanks to SLAMKit, we have reduced our product’s original 180-day development cycle by 50%, and got a competitive advantage in the market.

Inspection Robot

An inspection robot client has significantly reduced their response time for restocking goods by 40%
By using SLAMKit software licensing, our product has achieved high-precision localization in dynamic environments, ensuring efficient and accurate stock counting. The stock operation center can get restocking alerts in real-time .The response time for restocking has reduced 40%, leading to an increase in the number of goods sold on the same day. Additionally, I love SLAMTEC’s SDK so much, since it makes developing so simple and easy!


An AGV client through the SLAMKit™ software licensing, has successfully withstood the challenges of multiple working conditions and scheduling, achieving a task completion rate of 99%.
SLAMTEC’s software licensing product allows our AGV robots to perform exceptionally well when facing multiple working conditions and dynamic scheduling, and reach a 99% task success rate. Moreover, there is no need to change our existing operating system, significantly reducing time and cost to develop, deploy and maintain our products.

Food Delivery Robot

A food delivery robot client, with the help of the SLAMKit™ software authorization, has reduced customer complaints and improved the stability of robot operations by 200%.
Previously, our robot could only operate stably for up to one month. However, after implementing SLAMTEC’s software licensing product, it can now operate autonomously for up to three months without manual intervention, greatly reducing customer complaints. Additionally, SLAMTEC’s support and response speed are impressive, enabling efficient problem-solving.



 Max mapping area 500000㎡ ~ 1200000㎡ 
 Map resolution 1cm、2.5cm、5cm(Optional 
 Real-time localization deviation(typ) ±5mm, ±1° 
 Localization stability Our robot can function well even with a 50% change in map 
 Maximum distance range 50m(typical value, specific depending on radar selection) 
 Sample frequency 10 ~ 20Hz 
 Localization output frequency 20 ~ 100Hz 

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