360° scanning and ranging | 2D mobile mapping

Stable motion performance | Supports various platforms and sensors

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RPlidar Sensor

The SLAMTEC RPlidar sensor is a high-performance, cost-effective 2D lidar sensor that offers precise and dependable localization and environment mapping for robotics and UAVs etc. 

40m | AGV Preferred LIDAR

16m | 360°Laser Range Scanner

12m | Entry-level RPlidar

Built-in Mapping and Localization

Robot Base

The SLAMTEC robot base is a highly reliable and load-bearing intelligent base that supports various platforms and sensors, giving robot applications flexibility and reliable bottom-level support. 

High Performance Robot Development Platform

Small and Medium-sized Development Platform

Middle-size robot Development Platform

Why SLAMTEC robotic products?

We have more than 10 years of Robotic experience

Individual Users

SLAMTEC Robot Applications

SLAMTEC Robot has a wide range of applications, such as Server Room Patrol Robot、RFID Inventory Robot、Supermarket Patrol Robot、Supermarket Guide Robot、Food Delivery Robot、Warehouse Delivery Robot、Butler Robot、Shopping Guide Robot、Disinfection Robot…


Client Testimonials

We developed a supermarket shopping guide machine and equipped with a Hermes chassis. This is a whole new creative experience.

Our autonomous patrol robot utilizes a Hermes chassis, which offers outstanding motion performance and obstacle avoidance capability.

Our disinfection robot adopts the Apollo medium-sized chassis, the robot runs smoothly, and can localization and navigate autonomously.

Choosing Athena as the chassis for our delivery robot was a smart decision as it provided flexibility for our robot to operate smoothly in small restaurant spaces.

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