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RPlidar Sensor

The SLAMTEC RPlidar sensor is a high-performance, cost-effective 2D lidar sensor that offers precise and dependable localization and environment mapping for robotics and UAVs etc. 

40m | AGV AMR Preferred LiDAR

30m | Indoor & Outdoor |Drone

16m | 360°Laser Range Scanner

Educational Robots Preferred LiDAR

Multi-point Interaction Preferred LiDAR

Handheld Mapping LiDAR

Robot Base

The SLAMTEC robot base is a highly reliable and load-bearing intelligent base that supports various platforms and sensors, giving robot applications flexibility and reliable bottom-level support. 

High Performance Robot Platform

Small and Medium-sized Robot Platform

Middle-size robot Platform

Why SLAMTEC robotic products?

We have more than 10 years of Robotic experience

Individual Users

SLAMTEC Robot Applications

SLAMTEC Robot has a wide range of applications, such as Server Room Patrol Robot, RFID Inventory Robot, Supermarket Patrol Robot, Supermarket Guide Robot, Food Delivery Robot, Warehouse Delivery Robot, Butler Robot, Shopping Guide Robot, Disinfection Robot and more.


Client Testimonials

We developed a supermarket shopping guide machine and equipped with a Hermes chassis. This is a whole new creative experience.

Our autonomous patrol robot utilizes a Hermes chassis, which offers outstanding motion performance and obstacle avoidance capability.

Hermes chassis

Our disinfection robot adopts the Apollo medium-sized chassis, the robot runs smoothly, and can localization and navigate autonomously.

Apollo medium-sized chassis

Choosing Athena as the chassis for our delivery robot was a smart decision as it provided flexibility for our robot to operate smoothly in small restaurant spaces.

slamtec athena1.0 case

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