The maturity of LiDAR technology plays a vital role in the practical application of intelligent robots, and SLAMTEC, as one of the leaders in the domestic LiDAR field, has witnessed the innovation and upgrade of generation after generation of products. In the process of continuous exploration, they have developed from the initial triangulation ranging method to more advanced time-of-flight (TOF) technology, from RPlidar A1 to RPlidar S2, constantly promoting the progress of LiDAR technology.

The continuous innovation of SLAMTEC has set an example for the development of LiDAR technology, and promoted the progress and application of intelligent robots. Their continuous efforts make LiDAR play an important role in various industries and provide a broader possibility for the development of intelligent robots in the future.

RPlidar S2 has made a huge breakthrough in the distance measurement capability, which can achieve longer distance measurement and provide a wider range for the robot’s perception in various environments. At the same time, its ranging accuracy has also been significantly improved, enabling more accurate distance measurements.

In addition, RPlidar S2 also has excellent adaptability. It can effectively deal with black objects and highly reflective objects, and is not affected by these special surfaces, providing stable and reliable measurement results. This enables RPlidar S2 to perform well in various application scenarios and meet users’ high requirements for LiDAR.

RPlidar S2 achieves a sampling frequency up to 32K by improving the software algorithm and internal hardware structure. This means that the robot installed with RPlidar S2 can perform more ranging data within one second, thus effectively helping the robot to map and navigate. Such a high sampling frequency enables the robot to perceive the surrounding environment more accurately and achieve better obstacle avoidance and navigation capabilities.

32k sampling frequency VS 9.2k sampling frequency

In the vision of the future Metaverse, LiDAR will play an important and key role. With the development of the metaverse, the application scope of LiDAR may exceed our current imagination, and higher requirements are put forward for its performance.

As an excellent LiDAR product, RPlidar S2 has a small size and excellent performance, making it have a wider range of applications and more far-reaching influence in the future metaverse. Its small size allows it to be easily integrated into various devices and systems, providing high-quality environmental awareness for applications such as robotics, virtual reality, and augmented reality in the metaverse.

RPlidar Applications

Because of the superior performance of  RPlidar S2, in addition to service robots, its application scenarios can also be designed for solutions in different scenarios such as AGV, computer room, health care, intelligent prevention and control, restaurants, hotels, and medical care, so it has been favored by customers. Highly recognized and widely praised.


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