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Strong Alliance | Hermes Robot Mobile Chassis Redefines Building Delivery

Apr 23, 2024 | Technology

“Hello, I’m Haiyan, and I’m currently carrying out a delivery task.”

Coming towards us is the building intelligent delivery robot introduced by Double Engine Technology, a renowned provider of robot solutions. As the second-generation delivery robot from Double Engine, Haiyan has been upgraded and improved in multiple aspects, empowering intelligent delivery and delivering a faster, more efficient, and precise service experience.

Haiyan is equipped with Hermes, a robot mobile chassis developed by SLAMTEC, enabling the robot to achieve delivery capabilities in high-dynamic environment changes, complex pedestrian flows, obstacle avoidance, and high-transparency glass door scenarios. It can freely shuttle between buildings to complete deliveries.

Navigate through complex dynamic/static pedestrian flows and obstacles

In order to make robots move more intelligently, SLAMTEC Technology continuously iterates algorithms and hardware structures, and integrates multi-sensor information such as cameras based on laser SLAM, helping robots build centimeter level map accuracy, efficient obstacle avoidance, and navigation.

Faced with the complex and ever-changing pedestrian flow in buildings, with environmental changes up to 50%, glass doors, and the ability to independently plan routes without collision or loss, delivering items to the destination.

Multi point delivery and multi machine collaboration

How can robots depart and deliver to multiple destinations at once? How to enable multiple robots to collaborate and serve different floors? These are all issues that delivery robots need to consider when PK human efficiency.

Hermes is equipped with the SLAMWARE autonomous positioning and navigation system independently developed by SLAMTEC , which has a high level of perception, understanding, judgment, and planning of the surrounding environment. At the same time, robot development software RoboStudio or robot upper computer can be used to read and control

robot motion information, plan information for one or more robots, intelligently schedule and allocate multi machine collaboration, intelligently plan multiple destination paths, and improve collaboration efficiency.

Autonomous elevator ride, working in a vertical 100 meter space

A building is a combination of multiple commercial forms, with multiple floors and high demand, which is inevitable. So, in order to maximize the effectiveness of robots, it is necessary to have a robot with autonomous elevator delivery function.

After being equipped with the Hermes chassis from SLAMTEC, Haiyan is equipped with elevator management, multi floor map management, and editing plugins, which can easily edit and understand maps of different floors. It can easily connect with elevators, access control, and other functions, making vertical work no longer unattainable.

Autonomous recharge with guaranteed operation

After completing the task, Haiyan has the ability to recharge autonomously, which will not cause the robot to be unable to complete the task due to low battery. With one charge, it can run 8 football fields, providing users with a full sense of security.

SLAMTEC X Shuangqing Technology

Exploring the New Future of Building Delivery Together

With its profound accumulation in the robot field, Shuangqing Technology has mature intelligent robot solutions in flexible logistics, factory logistics, building distribution, hospital disinfection and sterilization and other scenarios. As a professional robot autonomous positioning and navigation solution enterprise, in 2023, SLAMTEC upgraded and released the Hermes robot chassis platform to empower building delivery robots. The complementary advantages of both parties ensure that Haiyan can not only shuttle freely in complex building environments and accurately complete delivery tasks, but also achieve multi robot collaborative operation through intelligent scheduling systems, greatly improving delivery efficiency. At the same time, both parties also focus on user experience and security, providing personalized delivery services.

In the future, with the continuous deepening of cooperation between SLAMTEC and robot terminal enterprises such as Shuangqing Technology, robot performance will continue to be optimized, new scenarios and applications will continue to emerge, and a new future will be within reach.