With the increasing demand for robots in multi-floor operations, autonomous elevator technology has become an important requirement beyond the walking ability of robots. The Hermes chassis adopts the elevator control system independently developed by Silan, which provides the robot with the functions of intelligent walking and multi-floor elevators.

The Hermes robot chassis is mainly aimed at commercial service scenarios such as robot multi-floor intelligent distribution, disinfecting, and inspection, and optimizes the scenarios to achieve more commercial value. Cooperating with upper-level applications, it has the ability to operate efficiently in scenarios such as hotel delivery, restaurant delivery, and building delivery, and is specially designed for multi-floor application scenarios.

Hermes body size is 545*465mm, small and light, suitable for upper-level development of any small, medium and light commercial robots. At the same time, the fuselage continues the minimalist design style of the SLAMTEC chassis, with the ambient lights on both sides of the front, forming a strong visual impact and a sense of technology.

It is not enough to have a sense of design, but also to have stable practicality. Hermes not only has stable and reliable navigation and obstacle avoidance performance on flat ground, but also has stable walking performance when facing obstacles such as slopes and ridges. Hermes Hermes has a 20° climbing ability and a 20mm ridge height ability, which can meet most application scenarios.

Hermes integrates multiple SLAM technologies such as laser + vision, and adopts a dual-camera depth camera, which enables robots developed based on Hermes to flexibly recognize obstacles such as black and white objects and tall objects in the environment, and predict navigation behavior . Enhance the commercial value of robots in scene applications.

At the same time, based on the positioning and navigation system independently developed by SLAMTEC, Herme provides industry-leading high-reliability navigation capabilities. No matter the environment changes up to 60%, or in the environment of high-density human flow changes, it can work stably for a long time without re-constructing the map.


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