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SLAMTEC Athena 2.0: The Outstanding Evolution of Intelligent Elevator Control Systems

Jan 26, 2024 | Technology

Athena 2.0 is a small, scalable, and cost-effective robotic platform developed by SLAMTEC, designed to meet the development needs of small-scale robot applications. These applications include intelligent inspection robots, cargo transport robots, restaurant delivery robots, and more. It comes equipped with SLAMTEC’s latest upgraded high-performance SLAMCUBE2 autonomous navigation and positioning system, enabling it to perform path planning and location navigation. This capability allows Athena 2.0 to operate in various commercial environments, supporting the integration of different applications.

Athena 2.0 Highlight Overview:

  1. Intelligent Elevator Control 4.0 System
  2. Equipped with the all-new SLAM Cube2 Navigation Cube
  3. Lightweight deployment, compatible with most elevator brands
  4. Dual SLAM navigation solution with Laser and Vision technologies
  5. Compact body, capable of navigating through narrow passages as narrow as 55cm
  6. Multi-robot collaboration, supporting multi-point deliveries
  7. 19 hours of continuous operation, with a climbing capability of 10 degrees
  8. Supports various optional sensor configurations

Brand New Upgrade, Multiple Models Available

To cater to diverse scenarios, the Athena 2.0 series introduces two new models: Athena 2.0 Pro and Athena 2.0 Pro Max. You can choose the model that best suits your specific requirements.

Intelligent Elevator Control is an innovative product independently developed by Shanghai SLAMTEC Technology Co., Ltd., featuring precise elevator status detection and program control capabilities. Its main features include call elevator and control elevator functions, assisting robots in achieving autonomous elevator boarding and exiting. It provides a reliable solution for robots operating in multi-floor scenarios.

In addition to collaborating with hotel robots, Intelligent Elevator Control can also function independently as a comprehensive solution. Through the provided API interface, the product can interact with other smart devices or third-party products, meeting customized needs of customers. Furthermore, the product seamlessly integrates with the Athena 2.0 chassis, offering technical support for specific requirements in various other scenarios.

Integrated with the all-new Intelligent Elevator Control System, Flexibility in Multi-Floor Operations

Athena 2.0 is equipped with Slamtec’s latest upgrade, the Intelligent Elevator Control 4.0 system. It overcomes challenges faced by elevator control devices in adverse weather conditions like rain and snow, as well as uncertainties in communication due to high-rise atmospheric pressure. The system precisely monitors elevator status, enabling flexible and stable multi-floor movement for robots.

Dual SLAM Localization and Navigation Solution, Adaptable to Complex Environments

To accommodate a broader range of scenarios, Athena 2.0 features a dual navigation system combining laser and vision technologies. This ensures that the robot can confidently navigate and move autonomously in various complex environments.

Extended Battery Life, Powerful Performance

Athena 2.0, as a robust robot development platform, combines exceptional battery life with powerful climbing and obstacle-crossing capabilities. This comprehensive feature set ensures the fulfillment of the robot’s operational requirements, meeting mobility needs in various conditions.

Adaptability to Diverse Elevators

The main control unit incorporates various optimized filtering algorithms, making this product suitable for different types of elevators, including single-door, double-door, and front-back opening elevators. With coverage across a wide range of scenarios, this product can be used in the majority of elevators currently available. After installation, users only need to perform simple calibration and calibration through the provided app.

Card Swiping Bypass

For elevators that require card swiping for access, this product easily supports such scenarios. During installation, users can install our designated device and enable the card swiping bypass feature in the app. This allows smooth access to the elevator, even in the presence of card readers.

Unified Management

Slamtec Technology’s cloud platform enables real-time monitoring and batch upgrades for all deployed products. Through online management, information statistics, and device monitoring, data can be further explored to provide exclusive and accurate data models for hotels or commercial buildings. This guidance helps improve overall operational capabilities and service quality.”

Note: This elevator control system is designed for use in China only. For international customers, it requires research, assessment, and customization based on specific requirements.