Smaller size, better performance

The new generation of SL-Dtof flagship product is launched!


Equipped with SLAMTEC self-developed SL-Dtof technology

In terms of ranging accuracy, anti-noise, and anti-smearing capabilities

Stable performance, excellent ranging performance

S3 anti-smearing performance

Traditional Dtof technology radar anti-smearing performance

Optimization Algorithm and Optical Process

40m@70% reflectivity

15m@10% reflectivity

Excellent measurement performance

Make the application more “safe”

No fear of indoor and outdoor sunlight

Efficiently resist ambient light interference

Provide accurate ranging data

Compared with other products of S series

S3 is small and thin

Application ScenarioMax

Highly compatible with Silan’s full range of ecology

Switch worry-free

Parameter upgrade, smaller size, better performance

Wider range of applications


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