As an important part of the robot, the robot chassis carries the important functions of robot movement and navigation. Silan Technology’s robot chassis has an open software and hardware interface, which provides developers with the convenience of custom development, saves time, energy and R&D costs, and helps products to be realized quickly and applications landed.

SLAMTEC robot chassis not only has the ability of autonomous obstacle avoidance and navigation, but also can realize autonomous movement between multiple floors after being equipped with a new SLAM Cube 2 autonomous positioning and navigation system and laser vision multiple navigation solutions. It has a wide range of applications in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and other application scenarios.

New Retail

The intelligent shelf robot Ceres is based on the mobile chassis of SLAMTEC, and has the functions of autonomous positioning and mapping, path planning and obstacle avoidance, and realizes autonomous walking. Ceres uses technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing to promote the digital transformation of traditional retail stores and increase the sales conversion rate of promotional products. It also provides data support for brands and supermarket customers, realizes online and offline data integration, and lays the foundation for consumer-centered global marketing.

Dining Room

Based on the robot chassis Apollo, the “meal delivery robot” has intelligent perception of the surrounding environment, can position itself, understand surrounding obstacles, and autonomously avoid obstacles. It can provide smart food delivery services for restaurants, which can reduce service pressure and improve efficiency during “busy business” times. At the same time, improve the dining experience of customers.

Exhibition Disinfection

Equipped with Silan’s Hermes robot mobile chassis, this disinfection robot is light-packed and capable of autonomous positioning and navigation to designated areas, allowing the robot to “flexibly shuttle” in various areas and smoothly complete disinfection and delivery work.

When autonomous walking is no longer a problem, then based on Silan’s robot mobile chassis, various intelligent robots can be derived, not limited to distribution and disinfection, and other necessary inspection robots, inventory robots, guide robots, etc. can be implemented better and faster.


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