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Hermes Debuts in Singapore Milipol Asia-Pacific Adorned in Blue Battle Armor, Empowering Smart Security

Apr 12, 2024 | Technology

On April 5, 2024, the 10th edition of Milipol Asia-Pacific, the International Exhibition of Military and Police Forces, concluded at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore. Hundreds of exhibitors from around the world showcased the latest security, anti-terrorism, and criminal investigation technologies, solutions, and related products, empowering new international methods in security and counter-terrorism.

Smart security robots are inevitably reliant on forward-thinking, intelligent, and innovative technological enhancements. Among them, an indoor security robot jointly developed by Shilan Technology, in strategic collaboration with Singaporean partners YWY and the state-owned enterprise NCS, attracted widespread attention at the exhibition.

At the exhibition, the robot performed security-linked patrol tasks, robot security scheduling, and interactive demonstrations of AI models, fully leveraging the natural advantages of robots in indoor and outdoor patrol operations. This contributed to empowering the construction and development of smart cities and intelligent security, advancing urbanization.

This indoor security robot, jointly developed by Shilan, YWY, and NCS, is based on SLAMTEC Hermes robot platform. It integrates Shilan’s proprietary autonomous positioning navigation algorithm, high-performance self-developed LiDAR, multi-sensor fusion technology, and intelligent stair control system. Simplifying complexity, it eliminates the need for starting robot development from scratch.

In terms of functionality, it achieves core capabilities of autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance.

In terms of performance, the Hermes robot mobile chassis can bear a weight of up to 100kg, with centimeter-level positioning accuracy, mapping capability of 250,000 square meters, and the ability to pass through narrow passages as narrow as 80cm.

In terms of user experience, the Hermes robot mobile chassis has perfect secondary development capabilities, cross-platform application interfaces, and compatibility with the ROS ecosystem, catering to global developers, robot companies, and robot integrators

Furthermore, the upper layer of this indoor security robot is equipped with core modules such as a 360-degree turret camera, high-definition fisheye camera, high-definition network camera, voice interaction sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, and wireless charging. It is a security robot product designed for scenarios such as airports, government halls, police stations, and stations.

Without the need for human patrolling, the security robot effortlessly performs functions such as visitor consultation, daily patrols, anomaly detection, and danger alerts. Combined with digital twin systems, it easily manages patrol security data with a visual interface, achieving intelligent management.

Currently, the country is vigorously promoting the innovative development of humanoid robots and embodied intelligent robot technology, with vast application prospects. Shilan Technology, with its outstanding LiDAR sensors, SLAM spatial positioning and mapping solutions, and a full range of universal robot chassis products, is leading the way in the robotics industry by creating ‘Adaptable to N+’ scenarios. We are willing to collaborate closely with numerous partners to gain stronger advantages in product maturity, depth of scenario interaction, and explore more new endeavors.

Strategic Partner
YWY Technologies YWY Technologies is dedicated to providing solutions for industrial end-users in Southeast Asia, systematically enhancing production efficiency. Through close collaboration with multiple robot manufacturers and artificial intelligence developers, YWY customizes solutions to meet the personalized needs of customers. YWY Technologies focuses on providing services in logistics flexibility and productivity in internal logistics control and material flow management analysis. Additionally, it has established good relationships with local partners in the region to provide localized support, meeting the long-term technical needs and maintenance requirements of end-users.

Li Youwei, the founder of YWY Technologies, graduated from Imperial College London and founded YWY after working in the aviation industry for more than ten years. The core members of the team are all from well-known universities such as the National University of Singapore, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, and Zhejiang University. They use solid technology Strength empowers smart industry.