RPlidar S1 is the first TOF lidar launched by SLAMTEC. It combines the characteristics of ultra-long distance measurement, small size and anti-glare, and brings a new breakthrough for robot positioning and mapping. The ranging radius is up to 40m, helping the robot to work in a wider scene. Regardless of the large underground parking lot or the large office environment, RPlidar S1 can work synchronously with SLAM 3.0 to easily complete the mapping, and the mapping performance is more powerful.

S1 Underground parking lot map built with SLAMWARE navigation and positioning solution

(Area: 134m*111m)

Office map constructed by S1 with SLAMWARE navigation and positioning solution

(Area: 67.8m x 32.8m)

Ranging accuracy: ±5cm

Excellent measurement accuracy, stable within ±5cm, is a highlight of RPlidar S1.

No matter how the measurement distance changes, its high precision is always stable, providing efficient guarantee for mapping. Next, we will conduct on-the-spot testing to compare the effect of [Measurement Accuracy & Distance]. At various distances, RPlidar S1 will accept the challenge and demonstrate its excellent measurement performance. Through the detailed analysis of the measured data, we will gain a deep understanding of the accuracy of RPlidar S1 at different distances, and verify its excellent effect in the process of mapping




In addition to its excellent performance in ranging accuracy, the detection ability of RPlidar S1 on black objects is also amazing. LiDAR is often more challenging to detect dark objects than white objects, yet the RPlidar S1 excels in this regard. Whether indoors or outdoors, RPlidar S1 performs perfectly in detecting black objects within a certain distance.

Indoor dark object detection:

Outdoor black object detection:

Transparent glass detection

RPlidar S1 has the ability to recognize transparent glass. The robot no longer needs to rely on ultrasonic sensors, and it can also have good obstacle avoidance performance when facing high-transparency materials such as glass and mirrors. Multi-sensor collaboration adds an extra layer of protection.

Transparent glass

frosted glass

In recent years, SLAMTEC has continuously made innovations and breakthroughs in the field of lidar, which has established a leading position in the field of robot positioning and navigation. Through continuous innovation, Silan Technology is committed to providing excellent technical solutions to meet the ever-growing needs of robot applications. Its advanced R&D team and continuous investment in technical resources make SLAMTEC a leader in the industry, injecting new impetus into the development of global robot technology.


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