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When SLAMTEC RPLIDAR S2E Meets Nvidia’s Autonomous Robot Platform Nova Carter AMR

Feb 28, 2024 | Technology

NVIDIA has launched a new autonomous robot platform called Nova Carter AMR on its official website. It is a highly customizable and flexible autonomous driving development platform powered by NVIDIA Nova Orin. It enables accelerated computing for ROS 2 and features 360° complete perception capabilities from cameras and LiDAR sensors

This robot platform can meet the needs of autonomous mobile robot chassis for various scenarios such as indoor and outdoor delivery, warehouse logistics AGVs, inspection, cleaning, and more. It can significantly improve productivity, reduce costs, accelerate large-scale deployment, and ensure operational safety in warehouse management, logistics processing, and other operations.

To ensure the safe and precise completion of tasks in real-world applications, this robot platform is equipped with a rich array of sensor components. It utilizes a combination of laser and vision to assist the robot in perception and autonomous navigation. Specifically, the Nova Carter AMR is equipped with two RPLIDAR S2E LiDAR sensors, which help the robot platform achieve real-time localization, obstacle avoidance, and support for SLAM implementation.


In any scenario, whether it’s a large warehouse, factory, or outdoor environment, for Nova Carter AMR to complete its tasks, it first needs a detailed map. However, to draw a “perfect” map, it needs to know its own location first.

RPLIDAR S2E: Precision Localization

By scanning the surrounding environment with the RPLIDAR S2E LiDAR, Nova Carter AMR can obtain precise positional information relative to its initial position.

By continuously scanning and positioning with the LiDAR, combined with SLAM, dense point cloud data helps Nova Carter AMR accurately map complex environments such as warehouses and factories, completing the crucial first step.

RPLIDAR S2E: Distance Measurement and Obstacle Avoidance

In addition to localization, the LiDAR can also identify surrounding obstacles such as walls, shelves, and other robots, helping the robot plan subsequent safe and effective paths.

When faced with objects of different reflectivity, the detection rate is excellent.

In environments like warehouses and factories, where there are many black shelves, tables, and chairs, the robot platform faces significant challenges. The RPLIDAR S2E provides stable and precise measurement data when encountering objects of different reflectivity and sizes, helping the robot navigate obstacles more effectively.

▲ S2E measures black and white objects without layering

▲S2E small object detection effect (chair legs)

RPLIDAR S2E: Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Nova Carter AMR is not only applicable to indoor scenarios but also outdoor delivery. In outdoor environments, the robot platform is susceptible to interference from factors such as sunlight and dust, thereby requiring higher standards for various accessories.

The RPLIDAR S2E possesses the capability to effectively resist interference from indoor ambient light and outdoor strong light. It achieves stable ranging and high-precision mapping even under intense outdoor lighting conditions of up to 80Klux.

▲ S2E outdoor test results

RPLIDAR S2E features an IP65 protection rating, coupled with a sealed independent enclosure, comprehensively safeguarding the internal rotating mechanism to mitigate external interference and aid in the stable operation of Nova Carter AMR.

NVIDIA Partner: RPLIDAR Series

It is worth mentioning that in 2023, Slamtec became NVIDIA’s preferred partner. The collaboration between Slamtec and NVIDIA originated from a shared pursuit of technology. Leveraging its powerful GPU technology and deep learning platform, NVIDIA provides robust computing power for artificial intelligence and robotics. Slamtec’s development of LiDAR sensors offers precise positioning and obstacle avoidance capabilities for robots. The combination of these two technologies enables intelligent mobile robots to accomplish various tasks more efficiently and accurately.

In the future, Slamtec and NVIDIA, through a mutually beneficial ecosystem collaboration, will bring more intelligent robot products to customers. Whether in industrial or commercial settings, these products will intelligently assist people in completing tasks.

Furthermore, all of Slamtec’s LiDAR products are compatible with ROS1 and ROS2 systems, ensuring seamless integration. This allows robot developers to quickly create demos for validation and trial and error.

RPLIDAR S2E: S2 Series

Specifications Currently, Slamtec’s RPLIDAR S2 offers multiple models, with the specific parameter information as follows: