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Unveiling the LPX-E3 Area Industrial Field Monitoring Lidar Performance Review and Unboxing

May 29, 2024 | Technology

On May 21, 2024, the LPX-E3 Area Surveillance Radar was launched globally, featuring new innovative technology and product applications. This rapid expansion of Slamtec’s intelligent sensor and LiDAR product lineup aims to meet the perception needs of various fields.

So, what makes this product so powerful? Why is it worth using in the industrial sector? Join us as we explore these questions with Xiaolan in this episode. Below is the YouTube video tutorial on unboxing and using the LPX-E3.

Compact Size, Metallic Finish   

The LPX-E3 measures 56.63 x 56.63 x 48mm, making it suitable for various industrial and commercial applications. Its metallic casing provides excellent environmental adaptability, aging resistance, and radiation resistance, ensuring long-lasting use. Additionally, it perfectly fits with Slamtec’s A-series and S-series radars, ensuring seamless integration with zero adaptation period.

360° Comprehensive Perception, Robust Industrial Performance

Below are the key performance parameters of the LPX-E3 Industrial Area Surveillance Radar:

The LPX-E3 continues Slamtec’s excellence in detecting dark objects, small objects, and objects under strong outdoor light. It features algorithm optimization and hardware upgrades tailored for industrial scenarios. With an angular resolution of 0.1125°, it ensures every detail is clearly perceived.

*The point cloud data within the purple box represents a black tripod with a width of approximately 1 cm.

Exclusive ScanDesigner, Simple and Easy to Use 

The LPX-E3 comes with the dedicated ScanDesigner configuration software, which supports free-form area shape drawing and layer association. It allows configuration updates based on the radar installation position.

Below is a demonstration of ScanDesigner in action. For more features, please visit our website to download and experience it yourself.

Freely Edit and Drag Shapes

Flexible Radar Placement

Associated Masking Mode

Area Surveillance, Efficient and Reliable   

The main purpose of area surveillance is to protect the security and order of the monitored area, preventing illegal intrusion, damage, or other undesirable activities. By setting up virtual geographic fences, targets entering or leaving the area (such as vehicles, personnel, or animals) can be tracked and monitored in real-time. When a target triggers predefined surveillance rules, the system immediately issues an alert, notifying relevant personnel for further action.

We have set up a simulated surveillance area scene in the office, let’s take a look at the demonstration below.

As you can see, in the designated recognition, warning, and alarm zones, when there is an intrusion, the signal lights will emit warning signals, enabling quick detection and handling of anomalies. It’s simple and easy to use.

If you want to achieve area surveillance effects like those in the video, you can refer to the radar wiring method below and plan the area in the ScanDesigner software accordingly.

Entering the Industrial Field, Embarking on a New Era 

Driven by an innovation-oriented development philosophy, Slamtec Technology carries the mission of “creating industry benchmarks in intelligent navigation and mobile technology”, constantly striving for excellence in technological innovation, product application, and market expansion. While leveraging its leading navigation and mobile technology advantages, Slamtec Technology also attaches great importance to synchronously advancing technological research and development, product experience, and ecosystem construction. With this, entering the industrial field marks the beginning of Slamtec’s industrial era!