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Smart ‘Curator’ Based on Athena 2.0 Chassis: Capable of Navigation and Using Elevators

May 17, 2024 | Technology

SLAMTEC’s technical philosophy has always been the integration of software and hardware, with software leading, hardware driving, and systems forming a closed loop. This approach achieves comprehensive technical breakthroughs in algorithms, computing power, and systems.

In the sci-fi movie “Ready Player One,” the museum curator successfully assists Wade Watts in approaching the location of the Easter egg by intelligently mobilizing resources to access relevant historical and cultural information.

In real life, intelligent library “curators” are not uncommon.

This library robot can perform various functions, including intelligent Q&A, guidance, book information inquiry, search, and delivery. It enhances the efficiency and quality of library services, providing readers with more convenient, efficient, and personalized services while also promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of libraries.

To ensure that the intelligent library robot can accurately guide readers to specific bookshelves or deliver books to designated seat numbers, it is equipped with an array of sensors and a powerful autonomous positioning and navigation solution. This includes SLAMTEC’s Athena 2.0 pro robotic chassis, which endows the robot with advanced perception, recognition, understanding, judgment, and action capabilities at the touch of a button, enabling dynamic intelligent path planning.

Athena 2.0 (left), Athena 2.0 pro (center), Athena 2.0 pro max (right)

Performance Overview of the Athena 2.0 Series Chassis:

• Autonomous elevator operation, multi-floor movement

• Dual SLAM positioning and navigation solutions for complex environments

• High chassis precision for accurate target navigation

• Flexible motion strategies optimized for different scenarios

• Customizable sensor configurations and optimized mapping area to meet various needs

With the buff enhancements from the Athena 2.0 pro robotic chassis, the intelligent library “curator” can accurately recognize its environment and location in real-time. Combined with SLAMTEC’s proprietary SLAMWARE autonomous positioning and navigation algorithm, it effortlessly achieves environmental perception, obstacle avoidance, optimal path planning, and logical understanding, enabling it to perform tasks such as reception, guidance, and delivery within the library.

SLAMTEC has always pursued making robot movement more flexible and intelligent. A truly smart robot is one that can autonomously navigate and avoid obstacles.

The upgraded Athena 2.0 series chassis not only autonomously plans paths and avoids obstacles, but also optimizes movement strategies based on different application scenarios, addressing various mobility needs and environments. It supports different navigation modes, which can be used individually or in combination, enhancing mobility intelligence。

Libraries often have similar book arrangements and high scene similarity, which can easily cause people to become disoriented. SLAMTEC’s Athena 2.0 chassis is equipped with advanced autonomous positioning and navigation algorithms and sensors, enabling the robot to handle scenarios with high similarity, high foot traffic, and frequent environmental changes, responding perfectly to these challenges。

Furthermore, libraries often feature floor-to-ceiling windows, ample sunlight, and reflective floors. The Athena 2.0 robotic chassis is designed to handle these environmental characteristics by leveraging its sensors and algorithms to their optimal performance, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently。

The Athena 2.0 robotic chassis boasts the ability to autonomously navigate elevators and move across multiple floors, greatly enhancing the autonomy of library robots and enabling them to provide users with a wide range of efficient services. This capability also reduces the time wasted by staff shuttling between floors to deliver books and by readers navigating stairs to find books, thus strengthening the competitiveness and operational capabilities of the intelligent curator。

The endurance and charging efficiency of intelligent robots are crucial factors in ensuring their efficient operation. The Athena 2.0 Pro Max is equipped with a fast-charging dock, doubling the charging efficiency. With the assistance of high-efficiency and standby capabilities, library robots can significantly increase their efficiency in tasks such as welcoming guests, inquiries, and deliveries, maximizing their performance。

Throughout its history, SLAMTEC has adhered to the principle of integrating innovation, placing software at the forefront and hardware as the foundation, to build a complete ecosystem for autonomous robot positioning and navigation. Guided by this principle, we are committed to achieving comprehensive and groundbreaking technological advancements in algorithm development, computing power enhancement, and system optimization. The Athena 2.0 series chassis stands as a testament to this philosophy, ensuring the deep integration and efficient collaboration of software and hardware, thereby serving a wider range of robot application scenarios。