In today’s rapidly evolving technology era, artificial intelligence is gradually permeating every aspect of our lives, bringing forth endless possibilities and convenience. SLAMTEC stands out the most in this wave of innovation, with our very own autonomous localization and navigation feature for our robot platforms has become its unique advantage. Whether it is in busy hotel lobbies, bustling corners of restaurants, or even in high-rise buildings, the SLAMTEC’s robot platforms can accurately and autonomously localize and navigate, achieving intelligent services. This technology has brought revolutionary transformation to various scenarios.


The hotel industry is one of the application fields of SLAMTEC. Imagine that in the bustling hotel lobbies, the robot platform moves autonomously and freely, providing guests with consultation, navigation, and other services. This not only reduces the work pressure of employees, increases efficiency and productivity, but also brings unprecedented experience and convenience to guests. Whether the guests are checking in or getting information about the hotel facilities, these robots are capable of handling the tasks effortlessly.

Smart Building

SLAMTEC’s robot platform has also demonstrated significant potential in multistorey building scenarios. Whether it’s commercial buildings, shopping malls, or residential areas, these robots can serve as last-mile delivery. They can deliver packages to their destinations, solving the problem of tedious manual delivery, improving efficiency, and reducing labor costs.

Outdoor Park

Within the enclosed district, the autonomous delivery robot can deliver goods directly to the users, without the need for the users to pick them up or rely on others to collect on their behalf. This smart delivery system has significantly enhanced delivery efficiency and provided users with more convenient delivery services.

The advantages of autonomous delivery robots are becoming more and more prominent, and last-mile delivery is just the beginning. In reality, the mobility of robots provides vast possibilities for fulfilling service requirements in a variety of scenarios. The prospects for the application of this technology are incredibly broad, offering people a more convenient and efficient life experience.


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