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Introducing a New Friend to Everyone-LPX E3

May 22, 2024 | Technology

Driven by national policies and market demand, the need for high-precision sensors in the industrial sector continues to grow. As a key component of industrial automation technology, LiDAR technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the perception capabilities, navigation accuracy, and operational efficiency of industrial robots in smart logistics, smart warehousing, security inspection, unmanned forklifts, and traffic monitoring.

After introducing a series of products in the commercial sector and gaining customer recognition, SLAMTEC has leveraged over 10 years of LiDAR technology experience to enter the industrial sector. They proudly present the LPX series products, strategically positioning them for various industrial applications.

The LPX series LiDAR is an industrial LiDAR product launched by SLAMTEC. It has been specifically optimized to meet the stringent demands for high performance and high stability in industrial scenarios, achieving a strategic upgrade from “commercial applications” to “industrial applications.”

The LPX series LiDAR features high precision and high stability, enabling better support for applications in autonomous positioning, navigation, and obstacle avoidance, thereby enhancing industrial automation levels.

The LPX series is not only suitable for AGV scenarios but can also be applied to service robots, lightweight autonomous driving (such as park unmanned vehicles), and smart factories. This broad applicability allows SLAMTEC’s products to cover a wider range of fields and meet the diverse needs of different customers.

The newly released industrial-grade area monitoring LiDAR, LPX E3, by SLAMTEC, offers outstanding performance and exceptional value, demonstrating a deep understanding of and precise response to the demands of industrial scenarios.

LPX E3 product performance

360-degree industrial-grade coverage, powerful environmental perception capabilities

The LPX-E3 employs SLAMTEC’s high-performance SL-DToF laser ranging core technology, meeting the stringent standards of industrial-grade applications. By integrating outstanding features such as high precision, low reflectivity, and sunlight resistance, it ensures stable and reliable operation in industrial environments.

Industrial-grade performance, stability, and reliability

Stable distance measurement performance for objects with low reflectivity of 2%

Sunlight resistance up to 80KLux

Built-in real-time area monitoring system with multiple output formats:

– Area monitoring data output: IO / RS485 / Ethernet

– Point cloud output: Ethernet / Serial

– Configuration interface: USB Type C

* Specific output methods may vary depending on the model.

The following outlines the data processing comparison between SLAMTEC area monitoring LiDAR and traditional LiDAR:

Exclusive ScanDesigner Configuration Software

We offer exclusive ScanDesigner configuration software, which supports freehand area shape drawing and layer association. It allows for configuration updates based on the radar installation position and introduces an innovative associated mask mode for enhanced usability.

Exclusive Software, Flexible Editing

3 simultaneous monitoring zones, consisting of 64 zone groups

Real-time viewing, simple and user-friendly

Compact in size, easy to integrate

While maintaining powerful performance, the LPX-E3 boasts a compact and agile appearance and size, making it convenient for integration into various industrial applications.

Multiple models to meet various needs

The LPX-E3 series offers multiple models to cater to different customer requirements. Customers can choose the appropriate model based on their specific scenario needs. Below are the detailed specifications for the LPX-E3 series:

Recommended Application Scenario:

Passageway Monitoring with LPX-E3

LPX-E3 for Conveyor Belt Piece Counting

LPX-E3 for Area Intrusion Monitoring

LPX-E3 for AGV, AMR, and Robot Obstacle Avoidance

For more product information, please visit: https://www.slamtec.ai/product/lpx-e3/