The Athena2.0 intelligent robot platform has always been loved by users for its excellent performance, reliability, and flexibility. However, with the growing market and evolving demands, users expect more. They expect superior performance, more customization options, and wider applicability. With that in mind, SLAMTEC conducted an in-depth analysis of market demand, and finally, we introduced two upgraded models, Athena2.0 Pro and Athena2.0 Pro Max.

The latest upgrades for Athena2.0 Pro and Athena2.0 Pro Max have brought about a series of exciting changes to meet the ever-evolving user demands:

• NEW ADDITION – Sensor Configuration Selection: You can now tailor your robot’s sensor configuration according to your specific requirements for more precise perception and data collection.

• Fast Charging: We have introduced fast charging stations to ensure your robot is always fully powered, reducing charging time and thus improving work efficiency.

• Excellent Motion Strategy: We have optimized the motion strategy to make the robot more intelligent, efficient, and reduce energy consumption.

• Precise Docking: We have further improved the docking accuracy and angle to ensure that every docking is precise, thus improving the robot’s operational stability.

• Point-to-Point Accuracy: We have improved the robot’s positioning accuracy to ensure that the robot reaches the designated location accurately as per your requirements.

• Expanded Mapping Range: We have improved the mapping area to enable the robot to map and operate over a wider range, providing support for a broader range of application scenarios.

These new features and performance improvements have elevated the performance of the Athena2.0 series products to a new level. These upgrades ensure that it can meet the needs of various working environments and scenarios, providing exceptional performance and diversity. Whether in the fields of automated warehousing, manufacturing, service robotics, healthcare, and others, the Athena2.0 series can deliver stable autonomous positioning, obstacle avoidance, and navigation performance, giving you peace of mind with every deployment.


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