As a robot software platform, ROS can provide operating system-like functions for heterogeneous computer clusters. For novices or student parties, ROS is less difficult to learn and suitable for entry. For product companies or developers, ROS can quickly do some demos for verification and trial and error, and the cost is low and the effect is good. Therefore, many robot learners, scientific researchers, and developers at home and abroad build robots through the ROS system.
The maturity of LiDAR technology plays a vital role in the practical application of intelligent robots, and SLAMTEC, as one of the leaders in the domestic LiDAR field, has witnessed the innovation and upgrade of generation after generation of products. In the process of continuous exploration, they have developed from the initial triangulation ranging method to more advanced time-of-flight (TOF) technology, from RPlidar A1 to RPlidar S2, constantly promoting the progress of LiDAR technology.