RPlidar Cases

SLAMTEC LiDAR has the advantages of highly accurate laser detection, high-speed data acquisition, and processing, making it widely used in robot perception and control, environmental mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other fields. It adopts a mechatronics integrated design, integrating high-speed motors, optical lenses, laser emitters, and other components, which can achieve 360° real-time scanning and ranging. It also supports multiple communication interfaces and development platforms, with the characteristics of easy integration and fast development.

Base Cases

SLAMTEC robot base is a robot chassis based on LIDAR technology, which provides high-precision localization and navigation functions that enable robots to move freely in various environments. It utilizes SLAM algorithms for real-time map building and path planning, while supporting sensor data fusion from various sources, including inertial navigation systems, visual sensors, and ultrasonic sensors. In addition, SLAMTEC robot base has flexible communication interfaces and multiple programming interfaces, allowing for the rapid development of customized robot applications. By collaborating with other hardware devices, SLAMTEC ROBOT BASE can be widely used in various scenarios, such as restaurants, hotels, factories, and shopping malls, to achieve tasks such as automation production, security patrol, and warehouse management, ultimately improving efficiency and brand value.

Robot Cases 

SLAMTEC robot is a type of autonomous mobile robot based on LiDAR and SLAM technology, featuring high-precision localization and navigation capabilities, capable of autonomously completing complex tasks such as environment sensing, path planning, and obstacle avoidance. With flexible motion control and various sensor data fusion technologies, SLAMTEC robot can meet the task demands in various complex environments. It is widely used in hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, supermarket, and data center scenarios, achieving tasks such as automated inspection, unmanned delivery, and RFID inventory, thereby improving efficiency and productivity.