Multi-point interaction technology uses the perfect combination of hardware devices and software rendering to bring a new experience to human-computer interaction. In this field, SLAMTEC RPlidar S3 has become the key image acquisition hardware, providing reliable support for the smooth operation of multi-point interactive equipment.

RPLidar S3, as the core hardware for image collection, has a built-in infrared signal sensor. By projecting infrared rays onto a large screen or the ground, it can accurately locate and capture various actions of interacting people. This advanced technology enables multi-point interactive devices to achieve efficient human-computer interaction without traditional input devices, providing users with an all-round impact of touch, vision, and human-computer interaction perception.

▲ Use lidar to locate and capture motion

The hardware system of the multi-point interactive device not only includes lidar, but also key components of the rendering system. The projector in the rendering system plays a vital role. It receives the processing results of the image acquisition subsystem and displays the corresponding images on the screen or the ground through the projector. This process is a key step to achieve the most natural display and interactive effects.

In today’s digital era, SLAMTEC lidar injects a sense of technology and fun into multi-point interactive devices. Users can not only enjoy advanced human-computer interaction experience, but also feel the fun of technological interaction. SLAMTEC is committed to providing users with more advanced, more convenient and more interesting multi-point interactive solutions, promoting the perfect integration of technology and life.


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